The Top 5 Color Palettes of January

Vasilis Baimas

Lab Color Palette

colortools color palette featured

The Lab color palette uses five different colors. This beautiful combination of a dark shade of gray, the very light shade of orange, the medium-light shade of red, the light-shade of green-cyan and the medium-light shade of yellow is ideal for any modern and jumpy looking design.

Blue Spirit Color Palette

colortools cool-blue color palette featured

The Blue Spirit color palette uses three different shades of blue color – from very light of cyan-blue to cyan blue and dark shade of cyan blue. In a combination with orange color, it makes this color scheme looks like glossy and modern.

Garish Color Palette

colortools color palette featured

Shades of red color are combined with red color, orange-red accents, blue color, and yellow-green accents. This color combination is perfect for a modern look.

Concrete Color Palette

colortools color palette featured

In the case that you are looking for a corporate and muted color palette, then Concrete is the color scheme right for you. This color palette uses shades of cyan, gray color, red-orange accents, and the neutral colors of brown and black.

Ribbon Color Palette

colortools color palette featured

This effective color combination uses different shades of yellow color and also uses green and red colors. This color scheme looks like a relaxing yet cheerful.

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